2020 has been quite the year!

The outside world is crazy, and we’ve spent the better part of the year closed off from our social connections and traditional activities. It might seem like a curse, but what if it was the greatest blessing?

If this year has been uncomfortable, it could just be the biggest wakeup call that we have the space to reframe our approach to life. We have the opportunity to prioritize our self-development practices, our beliefs and values, and live in a way that brings us a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Our Next Level Community understands the internal struggle of KNOWING we are meant for great things and feeling a lack of alignment with our vision because we have been there in our lives as well. We’ve felt that internal knowing that we wanted more from life, but also felt how challenging making those changes can be when everyone around us in our lives continues with the same patterns over and over that keep us exactly where we are.

That’s why we created Next Level.

If you feel disconnected from passion & fulfillment in your life, it’s not your fault. Really, it’s not. We’ve been conditioned our whole lives to seek money, seek the cool lifestyle, and everything will be perfect.

We aren’t taught how to create a life of passion, we aren’t taught the practices that keep us focused and aligned with our vision, we aren’t taught how to create a life that is a full expression of ourselves, we aren’t taught how to create deep and meaningful connections around us.

Next Level is changing that. 

Our community is a space where driven, talented, passionate individuals (under 30) join together in the mutual pursuit to create the best version of life – on our terms. We’re all committed to personal growth, connection, authenticity, and support. There is no competition here. We come as we are, we see each other for our highest potential, and we hold you to that.

Not just talking – Massive Action & Accountability

Throughout Next Level, we’ll help you find clarity on where in your life there is opportunity to step into more fulfillment, more purpose, and more authentic you. From there, it’s all about incremental action to become that highest version of us. Everything from the fundamentals of exercise & sleep to financial planning, relationship building, and side hustles. We believe in a 360 degree approach to LIfestyle Development.

Each of us bring unique goals, experiences, challenges & skills to the table. As we connect each week, yes there is sharing of concepts & knowledge – but it is grounded in weekly accountability. Imagine you wrapped up each Monday knowing exactly what you needed to do this week to hit goals you previously thought were crazy. That you finally had the support to take those intimidating next steps, or finally break those patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Intentional Approach to Transformation

While each week will vary in content, each 4 month trimester is structured to guide each individual’s growth journey as powerfully as possible.

Month 1 is all about getting absolute clarity on our vision for life. Not just what we want now, but what we want to experience in 1, 5, 10 years – and many of us seeing for the first time with clarity on how we can get there.

From there, Month 2 dives into lifestyle design. Together, we’ll focus on building empowered habits and routines to increase our overall well being, productivity, and progress towards our goals.

Once we have gained control of the self, month 3 is all about connection to others, this includes social, family and romantic connection.

Lastly, month 4 will focus on Impact – the impact we are currently making in the world and the actions we can take today to set ourselves up to achieve mastery in our career, community-involvement, and side hustles. 

 Next Level is a family. 

What our members get to experience:

  • Weekly digital sessions led by life coaches Justyn Bostic & Delaney McGuire
  • Accountability Partnerships & Goal check-ins
  • Exclusive community resources that feature books, podcasts, & other resources designed to help you level up. 
  • Monthly high-level  guest speakers and coaches
  • In person retreat weekends for growth & connection

Ready to join the community?